how to choose a led power supply?

how to choose a led power supply?

led power supply actually is a kind of switch power supply.  it mainly consisted of five parts:

1)  electromagnetic interference network
2)  rectifier filter
3)  built-in pulse width modulation unit
4)  switch for energy transform
5)  low esr pulse width modulation output devices

by converting the input power from power grid or other power sources, it provides you stable power output with stable current and voltage, which enables all kinds of electrical equipments work including leds (light emitting diode).

thus, the output of a led power supply shoul be contant voltage such as 5v, 12v, 24v, 36v, 48v.

as a user of led power supply, please measure the full loading wattage of your leds, the loading wattage must lower than the rated wattage of the power supply, otherwise the power supply might have to work under overload situation or just shut down due to overload protection function of the power supply.

the below is a typical constant voltage led power supply:

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